Sunday, May 17, 2009

Hamilton Elementary

Third grade poems from Hamilton Elementary School, Novato, California
Classroom teacher: Ms. Campbell CPITS teacher: Lea Aschkenas

Haikus for Obama

My Dear President,
Will you take care of us and
create world peace?


Mister Obama,
Can you help us with our school?
We need lots of help.


Acrostics for Obama

Beloved Leader
A nice man
Red, white, and blue
An independent man
Cares for our land
Keeps us safe

Outrageous man
American leader
Married man
An important man


Please help animals
Run the United States of America well
Every day you should help the world
Stay safe in the world
It’s good to make a good choice for the world
Daily the sky gets more polluted
Every day you must help the environment
No hurting or endangering animals
Take care of the world

Be nice to animals in the forest
As a president, keep your work organized
Run and exercise every day for your health
Act nice to people
Care for animals
Keep your memory

Over the world you travel
Be a hero for the world
Act like a good citizen
Make a decision for yourself
Act peaceful with everyone in the world


Evil and
Save people
Desperate need and save
Endangered animals
Not yet

Be fair
And save poor
Citizens and
Kids with no families

Be a great president
America a better place