Sunday, March 1, 2009

Cleveland Elementary—5th grade, Mr. Sugarman

And still more from the very busy Maureen Hurley at Cleveland Elementary in Oakland. A sad note on the state of arts funding in California (and the U.S.) right now: Maureen's residency at Cleveland was cut short when funding for her program there was eliminated. If you want to help keep poets like Maureen in our schools, please visit the California Poets in the Schools website to make a donation.


Let it be heard, told and remembered
I remember when I first heard of Rosa Parks
I was amazed, I was scared because I thought
She was going to be beaten
Then I realized she was just trying to fight
for Black people's rights.
It amazed me when you read a poem
and you said, We, the people, starting today…
And the time has come.
It made me want to sit in the beautiful green grass
And write every word you said
And make it into my own poem.
Just like you, starting today.
Let's help the hungry, let's make the violence stop.
Now we've had 43 presidents fighting like the wind
freezing on my face.
I remember when the beautiful birds
flew in the sky. That gave me confidence.
I know you will make a good example.
You can change our environment.
That can change everybody's lives.
I remember when the ocean
was so beautiful during the sunset…
I remember, We the people
Are in your hands.

— Mako


I remember when my mother and I
would pray for you to be president
till there was no tomorrow.
I remember when I saw you on the TV
When you were giving your speech.
Your eyes glistened like a lake
In the afternoon.
One for sure, is, I won't forget
This day, no I won't.

A Young Believer,



I remember the part of your speech
That made it seem as if
The winds of change
Just blew onto the U.S.
The clapping from the crowd
Sounded as if lightning was striking
Just for you.
I remember some parts of your speech
As if it was a son.g
Your speech made smiles seem like sunshine.
I wouldn't care what color your skin is
As long as you keep the country in good condition.



We, the People will not judge
if you destroy, but when you build.
The time has come
for a president to change this country.
Starting today, I believe in you
to change this country
And make it a better place.
It is up to us to support your ideas
So that there will be change.