Sunday, March 1, 2009

Cleveland Elementary—4th grade, Ms. Pollack

More from the very busy Maureen Hurley at Cleveland Elementary in Oakland. A sad note on the state of arts funding in California (and the U.S.) right now: Maureen's residency at Cleveland was cut short when funding for her program there was eliminated. If you want to help keep poets like Maureen in our schools, please visit the California Poets in the Schools website to make a donation.


In one day the sun will rise with hope
In two days, peace will come
In three days, the wars will end
In four days you will shine like a star
In fifteen days, the world
Will become a better place
Dream, Obama.
Dream like Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.



You can make a difference
You can make life easier for others
You can make the world happy
You can help people change war into peace
You can make people smile
You can change the United States of America
You can change life, Obama.



Hope, you are Obama
You shine like the sun
In one day you're going to be
Martin Luther King, please
Obama, you can do it
You can help the world
In two days you're going to change the world
In three days you're going to be president.
Hope, you are Obama.



City to city, state to state,
Four billion people in one place
How do you deal and how do you think
A thousand questions
And a thousand answers
The people need a president
With a smile on his face
And I think that's you.



Soon you will move into the White House.
We hope you befriend Lincoln's ghost.
Don't forget to get Sasha and Malia
to school on time and with school supplies
so they can go prepared.
Don't forget to stand up for yourself.
So again, we hope you have a good time
in the White House.
If you like our letters, you are more than welcome
To come to our school.
We love you Obama, you rule
Obama, Obama, Obama.



Please give peace in this world.
And make a better place for us.
And don't forget to be nice to your daughters.
Remind them to be good A+ students.
Then, after 15 days, the stars will shine
Like shooting stars
and make your wishes come true.
Please dream like Dr. Martin Luther King.
Then, in five days the flowers
and everything will be friendly and fresh.
Remember to be a good president.
Be nice and good to your wife.
And let this hope come true.
And help everyone and everything that needs it.
Thank you so much, Obama. You're awesome.
Thank you, 44th president.



These are a few words of advice
I need to tell you:
Like, don't forget to feed the homeless
And take care of the hurt and sick
animals and children.
Don't forget to feed the dog, Cleo.
And make sure that you love all people
And your family too.
And don't forget about Dr. King.
I hope your dreams come true
Like you being the president
of the United Stated of America.
I have a dream: yes we can.
Of all the presidents we've had
You are the first African American,
The 44th president.
Thank you so much Obama,
from our little hearts
We believe you're going to be the best
President ever. Go Obama.



On the fifth day you'll be president.
But for now you are a star
And you will have to follow your dreams.
Maybe when I grow up, I might be like you
And be a star.
If you donate money you will save lives
Save children, save education
And the money is going to be a good cost.
Obama, you are like my dream.
I like every thing about you.
Now, in five days, you might change the world.
Going to be president is one of my dreams.
To be a good citizen of the U.S.
Oh, how I like everything about you
Because you are like a star to me.
Every day I think about the good things
You will do for us.
And you always think about the world
And not yourself.
Going to be president in three days.
Oh, how you shine like a star.
Oh, how you sparkle like the moon.
Doing good stuff for the world
Forbidding war and rethinking stuff
Like: do we need this?
Every thing you do is good.
Serving your country is good enough.
Every night I dream about you.
Nothing shines brighter than you
Being President today.