Friday, February 13, 2009

John Muir Middle School—Ms. Strozier, 1/2 period

These poems are from Lelia Strozier's 1/2 period 6th grade students at John Muir Middle School in San Leandro, California. The students wrote their poems with California Poets in the Schools poet-teacher Kristin Palm.

My Awesome Advice

Help the homeless.
I know it will help America.
Please wear bulletproof armor.
Reduce oil spills in the ocean.
Everyone needs to drink water.
Stop the war.
It will bring peace.
Don’t start more wars.
Each person in the war suffers.
no more fishes in
the ocean makes me sad.

—Joanne Khong


Be better than Bush.
Don’t get too
much into power.
Don’t continue
the war.
Help the
world in need.
Feed the poor.
Give everyone a second
Don’t send troops
in for war.
Send them to help.

—Mark Moreno

Advice to Future President

Do not start
World War III.
Make peace with countries,
not chaos.
Gas prices are high;
lower them.
Help the homeless.
Don’t use money on
yourself unless
you earn it.
Help the animals
who are and aren’t
near to being extinct.
Don’t go deaf with firecrackers.
What will our
future be?
How will you
run the U.S.?
Make peace,
not chaos.

—Tommy Huang

Advice to Our Next President

Give food to poor people.
Lower gas prices.
Have faith in the world.
Bring peace to the world.
Be sure to listen to the
person not just look at a
person and say you’re a nice
person or you’re a mean person.
Be sure of what you do
before you do it.
Be confident in yourself.
Make the right choice,
not the wrong one.

—Kimberly Ayala

Advice to President Obama

Do not start war.
Help stop pollution.
Save the rainforest.
Remember to never
give up and always
try your best.
If you fail will
you quit? Will
you try again?
Will you help the
homeless and help
schools? I think
you will because
that’s why we
voted for you.
To make this a better world.
Go Obama!

—Reana Henson

Advice to the New President

Give money to the schools.
Help people in need.
Always treat people fairly.
Are you ready?
Ready to help the world?
Can you see through my eyes?
Can you see what I see?
When I look up in the
sky I see peace yet harm.
Stop polluting the bay
where we can waste the day.
Think about the mammals
or every living animal.
Can you walk in my shoes?
Feel what I feel?
I step outside in the cold
breeze and feel it running down
my spine. That is when I think,
Are you ready to be a
role model? But every more important,
are you ready to be the
next best president?

—Amber Mason