Friday, February 13, 2009

John Muir Middle School—Ms. Strozier, 4/5 period

These poems are from Lelia Strozier's 4/5 period 6th grade students at John Muir Middle School in San Leandro, California. The students wrote their poems with California Poets in the Schools poet-teacher Kristin Palm.

Obama Drama

You are president.
Because we voted
for you.
Because we hate war.
Peace & war,
love & hate.
We want peace,
but friendship is
as familiar as
is sun to flower,
fish to water.

Friendship & friendship

Obama or Bush.
You are president,
not him!

Make peace!
Hate war.
Hate is strong
and weak. But
together hating war
is easy. America
is strong under your
Good luck,
President Obama.

—Noel Ng

Barack Obama

Make peace to
the world.
Never fear the
Believe in yourself.
Don’t strike at your
enemy. Make
right decisions
to your world
and you. Always
make time for
you and your
family. Be
proud that
you will make
the world an
awesome place.
You will make
history change.
Bring rich to the
You are our
world, Obama.

—Mimi Pham

Advice to Obama

Try to spend more time
with your family.
Always watch your back
in case someone tries
to kidnap you.
learn to speak in a
different language so
other people will
understand you.
Make doughnuts the
number one food in
the United States.
Give homeless
people a home.
Stop the war.
Don’t choose
rich people over
We are all human.
Don’t share your
rocky road ice

—Ashley Arias

Advice for President Obama

Help everyone who
is down.
Also spend time
with your family.
Remember cookies are awesome.
Go for what you believe in.
Make sure
no one brings you down.
Don’t let the
ice cream melt.
Love everyone that’s
around you.
Never give up.
Always watch your back.
Help regain the world.

—Marielle Lopez

Advice to President Obama

Be cooperative.
Don’t forget you’re the president.
Help the economy.
Help this country.
We are in your guidance
now. Don’t forget us.
This is our country, too.
All you have to do is
So, are you ready?

—Amanda Lo

Advice to Our President

Don’t forget to
be a wonderful president.
Please help out the
immigrants. Whenever you are
stressed we will help you
like you will help us.
Can you help our state
to be better and
to help others?
If you can, please
help out the homeless and
the prices like gas and tax.
We will always believe
in you.

—Emily Ochoa