Thursday, February 5, 2009

John Muir Middle School—Ms. Morris, 4/5 period

These poems are from Kellie Morris' 4/5 period 6th grade students at John Muir Middle School in San Leandro, California. The students wrote their poems with California Poets in the Schools poet-teacher Kristin Palm.

Advice to Obama

Will you help the homeless?
Make this world better?
Stay strong.
Please lower gas prices.
Can you destroy guns
so the world can be better?
Don’t forget to help all
states and continents.
Always listen when you are
at meetings.
I would love to be friends
with your daughters.

—Darian Denard

Advice to Our Next President

Never start wars with people.
Help our economy out of its
downslope before it gets worse.
Help bail out the auto companies
before they fail and close.
Help the homeless by giving food
to them and a place to
stay warm.
Help states like mine that
are running out of money.
Hopefully everything will get better.
Will you help the places that
are failing?

—David Salminen

Advice to the President

Don’t start any wars.
Do everything you said you’re
going to do.
Don’t raise gas prices.
Don’t feed a mouse a cookie.
What is your favorite color?
Who is your best friend?
Did you always want to be
president, even when you were
a child?
My favorite thing of 2009
so far is you, Barack Obama,
being president.
Always be prepared for the unexpected.

—Kira Felise

Advice to the President

Don’t start wars.
Help the homeless.
Why did you want to
be president?
Don’t play with skunks.
Always dress well.
Don’t fool around while
you are doing your work.
Was it hard to make
that speech?

—Sergio Mariscal

Obama’s Plan

Never confront Iraq for anything.
Don’t be afraid of those cats!
Make friends with the
Middle East.
If I was president of U.S. of A.
I’d bring our troops from the Middle East
and stop the war.

—Brian Clinkscale

Barack Obama

You should change the White House
to a farm with pigs and horses.
Don’t start something you can’t
Visit John Muir Middle School.
Let me visit the White House.
Can I meet your daughter? Please?
Don’t show off to the world.
Why did you enter to be
Would you remodel the White House?
Can you adopt me?
Share your money?
Don’t put bananas in your
ears and listen to what people
have to say.
Don’t flirt
with your wife
in public.

—Stephen Estrella