Thursday, February 5, 2009

Washington Elementary (Evanston, IL)

The poems below are from 5th grade students at Washington Elementary in Evanston, Illinois. Poet-in-residence Alice George led the kids in writing advice (and questions) to their own Illinois President. Classroom teachers Starenko, Drew, Losurdo and Herrera helped the kids publish their work.

Mr. Hope

Mr. Hope bring our troops home!
Can you juggle? Keep calm.
Think hard.
Mr. Hope fix Wall Street.
Are you excited?
Don’t let the KKK stop you.
STOP the violence.
You are as smart as five dictionaries.
you can help us in your sleep!


We Rule

Bring us peace
Kids have strong fresh minds
We can help you
Make the world powerful
Do you sing for joy?
When you’re bored
Do you focus?
Can you keep a steady book
On your head?
Let you work.
Let us work.
We will make the sun
Come out when it’s raining.
We will make the grass grow
When it snows.
Us cats are powerful.



What do you want
For this country
Or from it?

But remember
What this country can do
And what it can’t.

Can you force change?
Or will it come by itself?

Will you help the world?
Or hurt it?

Will other countries
Come to love you?
Or hate you?

Is this a new beginning?
Can you bring what you promised?
Help Hope Change

Never forget


You Can Do it!

Help the Economy,
And the Polar Bears.
If you miss Chicago,
Turn up the heat
When it’s hot,
And the A.C.
When it’s cold.
Make friends,
Not enemies
With foreign leaders.
You can do it,
You’ve made it this far.
To London
To here.
Let’s try to get the Olympics this year.
When you were young
Did you ever dream
That you would be
The one who leads
Our society?
You can do it!
I know you can!!


A lot on your shoulders

Watch out for kids pulling your chair
or maybe pulling your hair.
Is your chair too big to sit in?
Are you used to being around a lot of men?
Lighten up poor people’s day.
Let them say “Obama’s our President, Yeah”
What about your daughters?
Will they meet your playmates
or when they go to school would they be late?
Or maybe you’re speeding up the pace?
I love your wonderful style
You remind me of my brother Kyle.
You’re both so special to me
Don’t you see?
You’re important and nice.
Your clothes have spice.
I hope you grow tall
and change the world.
Be safe, get along.
And...don’t forget to tell your girls.