Friday, January 30, 2009

Lincoln High School

Not only did Melanie Blagburn's students at Lincoln High School in San Leandro participate enthusiastically in the Letters to Obama Poetry Project, many of them voted for the first time in this election, and several of them worked the polls. The photo above is of the Obama Wall in their classroom. Thank you to these students for their commitment to the democratic process and for sharing their experiences with us!

I Told You

It’s a cold, early morning
The breeze is slipping through the window seal
I’m up, like I’m getting ready for school
I can hear the heater blowing warm air from the ceiling vent
Under my feet the carpet sweeps as I dash into the bathroom
Today is the day I can look you in your face and say
“Ha-ha, I told you Obama would be president!”

I’m in the bathroom
I take a shower and hum the words of Tupac’s song “Change”
I brush my teeth, wash my face, eat my breakfast, throw away my plate
Smile and kiss my mom good bye because
Today is the day I can look you in your face and say
“Ha-ha I told you Obama would be president!”

Out the door, I’m running late
The polls open at seven in the morning, I have to be there at six
I race down the street, the thought of being late is making me sick
I pass cats, dogs, ants, birds, trees
I can feel cool breezes and smell bacon, eggs with cheese
Today is the day I can look you in your face and say
“Ha-ha I told you Obama would be president!”

I’m at the polls, things are running slowly
I’m looking down the list
There are lots of Democrats so it’s bliss
People crying, hatred’s dying, birds flying, spirits soaring
As we kiss Old America good bye and say hello to change because
Today is the day I can look you in your face and truly say
“Ha-ha, I told you Obama would be president!”

—Derrick Monk

Poem to Barack Obama: YES WE DID!!!!

As November 4, 2008 approached
Around the world, I had a very
Anxious feeling about something.

As I worked the polls I saw all different
Kinds of people come in to vote
To help make a difference.

Negativity stood in the way of a
CHANGE. Everyone had their opinion.

As we packed up from working
The polls, I wondered in thought.

I walked in the house to tears
Of joy, rooting, screaming, chanting,
And the sound of champagne bottles
Being opened.

“Thank You Jesus” my grandma yelled
While tears rolled down her beautiful BROWN

“Ring Ring Ring” I hear the telephone
Ringing continuously. Still standing in the
Doorway in shock I felt the muscles in
My face crack a big wide smile.

As I walked completely in the house
I joined in with all the chanting and

I then looked behind me on the big
Screen TV. And saw “Barack Obama-President
Elect” in big bold letters.

Tears rolled down my face, and I joined
With my grandma to thank Jesus.

Thank you for giving us a change Jesus,
Thank you for letting me see history Jesus,
Thank you for Barack Obama Jesus!!!

As the noise around me started to drain
Into a fade and everything around me
Seemed to move in slow motion. I stood
Proudly in the center of the living room
Floor and shouted

“YES WE DID!!!!!!!!!!”

—Nakayla Lipsey

A Sonnet for Obama

Obama has already changed the world!
Can he repair the damage Bush has done?
And the U.S not being broke would help!
Can we even get out of debt right now?

But we have come too far to give up now!
Things I would say to him are: “To stay strong,
Keep your head up and get a decoy fast!
Drop the Secret Service, use thugs instead”!

Do you think you can refresh our budget?
How does it feel to be the first Black Pres?
I’m excited for change in the U.S!
I’m still worried about our debt problems!

I wish him real good luck in the White House!
I’m just glad that President Bush is out!

—Tiondra Johnson

Obama Poem

I need change.
Personal priorities,
Immigration Laws,
Improvement with our economic struggle

Our youth, our schools

Follow through on your word
Be wise on big decisions
Don’t lie
Liars can’t be trusted

How do you feel overall about everything?
Are you worried?
What’s your main concern right now?

It’s exciting to feel you could trust your president

Worries :
Not many except that it might be too good to be true.

—Maggie Gutierrez

A Change Has Come

You are one to admire and one to observe
Your strength wisdom and kindness
Are ones we all could learn
There are those who have mocked you
And said you were naive
But you are more than qualified
So much you have achieved

Through the valley you have walked
And on the podium now you stand
To guide us in these hard times
And lead us to the end
More than courage, you give us faith
In hopes that we can all believe
That with your help this country
Will one day be all it can be


Raquel Larios


Before you walked in
Life seemed rough
Nothing can be done
When things are tough

When you walked in
I felt at ease
Change is coming
Damn what a relief

If you can do
What you just said
Then at ease I know
I can lie in bed

—Ana Liku

Obama’s Super-Phone

Reinstate our slugging economy

Make education top priority

Bring peace & prosperity

It’s not that hard with your Blackberry

—Chris Dougherty

Doing a Favor for All of Us

Do a favor for all of us

Reinforce our dreams with hope

Reinstate our slugging economy with confidence

Reinforce our education with funds

Reinstate our healthcare system with quality and availability

Do a favor for all of us

—Chris Dougherty

Poem to Obama

When you become President look out for the real trouble in the world
Go to the real life hard times
Let people know that you truly care, let them know the real you

I know that you are a good man so it won’t be hard to make good choices
Never let people bring you down, keep your head up high
Some one as generous as you only deserves good light.
Try to stay away from the dark but don’t be afraid of it

Obama you’re the man of the year
And it should stay that way for eight more
I will never doubt your smooth words and speeches
To me you are the best thing this country has

—Iris Gutierrez


More jobs
More to the poor & needy
More education
No advice to the president
Because he is the PRESIDENT
He should know what to do

No room for racism…
People discriminate
Because of his color
BUT color doesn’t matter
Because its time for a change!

—Corinna Anontaxay

So Many
(Obama Poem)

So many years
So many tears

Obama you’re finally here.

Unfortunately they’ve placed
difficult tasks for you and
your peers

So many things to do
So many things to say

Obama fix the economy today

So many hopes
So many dreams

Obama remain the person the people chose
you to be

—Oscar Martinez


It's time for a change
It's time to rearrange things and do things right
Obama, the first president that’s the same color of the night....

—Daniel Bueno