Friday, January 16, 2009

Cleveland Elementary School

Poems from Cleveland Elementary School, courtesy of California Poets in the Schools poet-teacher Maureen Hurley:


Don't forget to work in the garden
Don't forget to put the seed in the soil
Don't forget to water the plants
Be sure to pull the carrots and weeds out
or they will become too short and fat.
Don't forget to be a good teacher
and be a good president.
Don't forget to be a good father
to your daughters, Melia and Sasha.
Be sure to go to their school and visit
If they have an art show or something.
Don't forget to water the garden every day.

—Ms. Auyoung's 1st grade students


Please help the homeless find homes
and help them to find jobs and money.
I like that you're the president
because I like your advice to the world.
Obama, please help the people in need
who don't have jobs or food.
Please help the people who are in danger.
Help them to be safe.
Obama, please help the kids
who don't have pencils or papers in the schools.
Obama, help the schools to get more money.
We need more crayons in the classrooms.
Don't forget to feed the chickens and the ducks.
Don't forget to feed your hands,
and feed your hair and feed your head.
Please stop the war.
Please stay healthy and strong.
It is good to brush your teeth before bed.
You should have fun at the White House.
Don't forget to sleep late.
Remember to always have a nice day.
And you should look at the news
every day, for a long time.
Don't fight at all.
Yes, we’re serious.
P.S. We like your decisions.

— Ms. Robinson's 1st grade class


Please find homes for homeless people.
Help old people to cross the street.
Remember to help the sick children in need.
Don't forget to put the chickens on the barn.
Don't forget to feed the dog.
Don't waste electricity or water
Don't waste paper. Fight global warming,
Be safe from danger. Be away from strangers
Never be tired, be nice to others
when they be nice to you.
Remember to teach your children to play carefully.
Remember to water the garden.
Don't let the foxes eat your chickens.
Please make life and peace in the world.
Remember to make the whole world safe.
Please make the world a better place.

—Ms. Schalet's 2nd grade class


Obama, please make guns
and land mines into food and clothes,
make them into monies and shoes
Make the earth a better community
Keep your family healthy
Don't forget to smell the food and drinks
Obama, every day you should do sports
and get exercise.
Why don't you get a horse
and make sure the horse is healthy.



Remember to be nice.
Tell people not to fight.
Don't forget to feed the cow.
Go to a contest of basketball.
Obama, you're my favorite president.
Obama, I would like to visit you.
Obama, I hope you like this poem.
Always take care of the children.
I hope your daughter could become President Make sure the world is clean.
You can make a better world,
Obama, be brave.



We would love it if you can come visit.
May you please lower the gas station prices?
Can you tell people to not kill the trees
because we need air.
Obama, can you help my cousin
because his dad is in Mexico.