Friday, January 16, 2009

ER Taylor Elementary School

Poems from ER Taylor Elementary in San Francisco, courtesy of (very busy) California Poets in the Schools poet-teacher Maureen Hurley:


Please stop the war.
Help the people with cancer in the hospitals.
Don't forget to sniff the fruit salad.
Don't forget to tell jokes to the paperclips
on your desk in the White House.
Will you please banish guns
and turn them into lollipops?
Help the people who need money and jobs.
What are you going to do about the war?
Don't forget to look for aliens in the attic
and under the bed.
Make a time machine
so the earth always stays green
so we can live happily ever after.
Will you make new laws for our citizens?
For you are the first
African American President
of happiness and justice for all.

—Ms. Borer's 3rd grade class


Don't overreact to the little problems
Help stop global warming
Make a better nation out of us
Help our environment
become safer and cleaner
The universe is counting on you
We believe in you
I have hope and trust in you
This is a new beginning for America
We're on your side.



Hello President Obama
Keep the sand out of your shoes
Help the homeless
You love all people
End the wars
Be strong
Play nice
Be strong



Don't get in trouble
Be calm.
Be ready.
Don't spoil yourself.
Answer the phone.
Say: How are you?
Do the best for us.
Learn karate.
Prevent war.
Upgrade the technology.
Make robots.
Make the earth
have no earthquakes.



We voted for you because of your speech
If what you said was true
This could be a new world
Help stop global warming
Animals are losing their homes
Help people find better jobs
It's up to you to help this world
Don't ignore your dog
Remember to take great care of it
You could be the best president we ever had
Good luck and good night!