Tuesday, January 13, 2009

From Mark Twain Elementary, the school that started at all . . .

Four poems from Mark Twain Elementary School in Detroit, including the two poems that inspired this project, courtesy of the incomparable Peter ("Mr. Pete") Markus, writer-in-residence with the InsideOut Literary Arts Project:

Advice to our Next President

Never start drama.
We voted for you because
we believe in you.
Don't forget to not put
pressure on yourself.
Be sure to be ready
to be president. When
you answer the phone
you can say, This is
the Obama residence.
Are you going to be
ready for all of this?
Are you going to try
to be better than
those other cats?

—Dishuna, 4th Grade

Advice to our Next President

Always sniff your shoes when taking them off.
Believe in your pants and shirts.
Keep your socks to your hands.
Remember to eat pizza with a fork.
Don't forget to look both ways when doing the splits.
Keep your shirt in your mouth.
Remember to keep on your head.
Always take a shower in jello.

—Jasmin, 4th Grade

Advice to the Next President

Always help the homeless.
Keep your tongue out of your nose.

Watch out for pointy hats.
Never eat paper.

Remember to share cucumbers.
Give the rich to the poor.

Keep your shoe out of your ear.
Follow your instincts.

Don't help half of the world.
Help all of the world.

Don't bail on us.
Stay strong.

Love the people.
Make this a new world.

—Talandra, 5th Grade

Advice to the Next President

Always say good night to your clothes.
Never cough three times into your taco.

Look both ways before going to the bathroom.
Don't forget to sing a good night song to your carpet.

Believe that a superstar can eat a Whopper in one bite.
Never let a dog eat your face.

Watch out for the cat that eats the dog.
Never let a duck boss you around.

—Deniqua, 5th Grade