Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Golightly Education Center

At Golightly Education Center in Detroit, Mr. Pete tried a new twist:

January 7th, 2009

In thirteen days
the White House
will turn Black.

—Pearl, 2nd Grade

In 13 Days

In 13 days plants and trees will jump and play.
In 13 days the world will throw a party.
In 13 days a person will fly up into space.
In 13 days my teacher will let us have recess all day.
In 13 days my friend Jacolby's braids will start to talk and dance.
In 13 days monkeys will donate bananas to homeless people.
In 13 days a giant rainbow fish will jump up and bring more colors to the world.

—Cierra, 2nd Grade

In 13 Days

In 13 days
dogs and cats will be friends,
the moon and the sun
will be up at the same time.
All around the whole world
the whole entire universe
including the earth
everything and everyone
will be smiling
and everyone and everything
will be nice to each other.
Dead things will come back to life.
Pencils will write by themselves.
And they'll know exactly what
you want them to write
without you having to tell them.

—Arlethia, 2nd Grade

In 13 Days

the Seven Seas
will turn into jello.

In 13 days
a book will turn

into a lifetime
supply of chocolate.

In 13 days
the world will turn into

a better place.

—DeCarlo, 2nd Grade

In 13 Days

trees will tell time
birds will bungey-jump off of houses
cakes will get up and walk
stars will come down to earth.

—Jeremiah, 2nd Grade

In 13 Days

the birds
will sing louder
the flag
will stretch longer
and everyone
in America
will have

—Justin, 2nd Grade