Friday, January 30, 2009

Garfield Elementary

Students in several classes at Garfield Elementary in San Leandro, California, wrote letters and poems to President Obama. They will be sharing their work at a school assembly on February 18.

Dear Mr. Obama,

I'm so happy that you're our 44th president of these United States. Your ideas and thoughts made me change who I am. I'm doing better in school, listening to my parents, and not following any bad influences. When you say change, it reminds me on what I need to do, change myself. Also, it might be odd, but it also reminds me of Biggie Smalls. As he once said before he passed away, "Before we can change the world, we have to change ourselves first." That's not
the only reason why I'm happy you're our 44th president. You inspire me and a lot of people around the world. An African American for a president makes me think, if Obama can make it, I can too. As long as I have high hopes and dreams. So I owe you a thanks, Thank you!


Tisgar, 5th grade

Dear Mr. Barack Obama,

I'm so proud of you being the first African American president. I'm also a person of color, a Mexican American. You're also very smart and so polite. I would like to meet you in person. You make me feel that anything is possible. I'm hopeful that you can make the changes you talked about in the inauguration. You are a courageous person, and I wish you much success.


Hugo, 3rd grade


P is for peace and the protection you will bring to our country
R is for the reliable and responsible person you seem to be
E is for an exceptional mind
S is for trying to stop the war
I is for intelligent and independent thinker
D is for dependable and dignified
E is for an empathic speaker
N is for being a noble leader man
T is for talented leader

B is for bold leader
A is for adaptable to change
R is for respectful of other people's ideas
A is for gathering an alliance of bright minds to help you
C is for creative thinking outside the box
K is for kind

O is for optimistic
B is for believing in us "Yes We Can"
A is for auspicious leader
M is for magnificent mind
A is for ambassador to the world

—Aiya, 3rd grade


P is for presence of mind and front and center work in our country's needs
R is for right on because you believe "Yes, We Can!"
E is for economic urgency required for health needs for our young and old alike
S is for safely stopping the war and bringing the troops home
I is for an independent thinker who will not let us down
D is for defender of people all around the world
E is for entering our heart
N is for noble and kind
T is for topnotch thinker

B is for bold thinking
A is for access to all our hearts and minds
R is for being elected right on time
A is for achieving hard-earned goals
C is for his calm and cool personality
K is for knowledgeable leader

O is for over the top father
B is for bright-minded and bold
A is for able to do the job
M is for mighty smart
A is for asking us what we need and showing that you care

—Nicolle, 3rd grade


P is for PATRIOTIC which our new president is
R is for RARE and uncommon
E is for EDUCATION which is one of Obama's main targets
S is for STOP the war
I is for IDOL which Barack is
D is for DIGNITY
N is for NICE

B is for BLESS HIS HEART for being our president
R is for REASSURING the American people
A is for AMBITIOUS goals
K is for KINDHEARTED father

B is for BOLD leader
A is for ACHIEVING the first African American presidency
M is for MIGHTY intelligent
A is for ABILITY to lead his country

—Julio, 3rd grade